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  • How To Improve Your Experience During Vacation With an Unlimited High Speed WiFi

05/11/2018 14:41

Technology is evolving faster each day since the mid-1990s. Now, we are connected to each other more than ever. Our smartphones and PCs have eliminated all the burdens of staying connected.

The Internet has changed the way we live our lives and the way we travel. It would not be wrong to say it has improved our travel experiences. Rent ‘n Connect provides portable wireless Internet devices to travelers during their trip. Pocket Wi-fi hotspots are easy to use and can be carried everywhere which means you’re guaranteed to make the most of your trip.

Change The Way You Travel

A decade ago one did not have many alternatives to communicate and to gather information. Thanks to the Internet and the rise of smartphones, we have so many ways to communicate with each other. Now with an easy tap of the finger, we can make phone calls, find information as well as keep up to date with people. It is not long ago that people used to buy travel guides and maps days before their journey. Efforts were made to gather information on each important aspect of the place they were visiting, but today we do not need maps in our pockets. With a simple tap, we can reach any sorts of information including maps of the cities.  

A wifi hotspot with 4G or 5G speed can do all the work for you. You can get prepared on the go while you're traveling. Stay comfortable, stay spontaneous with the apps on your smart device as long as you have a reliable Internet connection. Post your photos and stories on the web, share them instantly with your friends on social media and get insights and tips about the places you visit immediately via your check-ins or you can read travelers comments and leave yours to help newcomers.

Stay Connected Whenever You Want

Today, being connected is the key to furthering your travel experiences rather than trying to get prepared days before. Information is there at our fingertips: we only need fast, reliable and secure Internet with us to be able to access it. Pocket-sized WiFi hotspots, with unlimited Internet connection can be rented abroad. 4G or 5G speed, an unlimited Internet connection is a reliable source to improve our travel experience. Get exposed to new cultures while you're traveling uninterrupted. Stay longer, see more and learn more about the social and cultural environment.

With a wi-fi hotspot in your pocket, you do not have to stay in hotels or make reservations but instead, you can be more spontaneous and find a flat via Airbnb. You may find secure ways to share your rent with others or travel with new people. Explore new places with Google maps and never get lost. Use apps to plan and organize your trips with less effort, whilst managing your budget.  You can mingle with the crowd and enjoy local festivals. Besides, these tiny devices are easy to carry and up to 10 people can connect without any performance issues. They can go on one charge for almost 5 to 6 hours long.

Easy To Order, Easy To Use

Rent 'n Connect makes sure you always stay connected via broadband 4G or 5G secure wifi connection. Our Internet service covers everywhere in Turkey. You can enjoy uninterrupted, fast and secure Internet connections without expensive roaming charges.  With our Rent 'n Connect guarantee you can enjoy your visit just like a local anywhere in Turkey. We deliver your device to your hotel and pick up before you leave. Whether you're planning a week off with your loved ones or on a business trip, a reliable Internet connection will be at your service with Rent 'n Connect guarantee.


Here are more benefits: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 30 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!




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