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  • Popular Mobile App Trends in 2019

24/06/2019 10:31


This year promises to be an exciting one, and our mobile phone apps are no exception. While there’s an endless amount of new apps out there, you can’t possibly put all of them on your phone.

You want to know what everyone is doing, and what the latest trending apps they are using are. We’ve been keeping up with the (free!) mobile app trends of 2019, and here’s what the results reveal about ourselves this year.

We’re Enjoying More

Life isn’t just about the 9-5 anymore, 2019 is about having fun with friends and family! Get out an explore with Detour, an app that lets you take a guided tour of an area with a story told by a historically-accurate narrator. It gives you directions while you join the tour, and it can be synchronized with your friends’ phones too so you can all enjoy the tour together. Use Google Arts & Culture to explore stories and digital exhibits curated by experts and locate art and cultural events in your area. For all the food and travel lovers, EatWith finds you immersive cultural experiences in over 130 countries with local hosts who want to share their culture and create meaningful dining experiences for their guests.

We’re On the Move

Now that we are traveling more than ever, we utilize mobile apps to make our trips easier, more memorable, and more comfortable. We can navigate better with Waze, which lets us see all the backroads, traffic areas, where to park, police stops, and even gas stations along the way. RoadTrippers lets you discover millions of places while you plan your summer road trip (or even in your own area!), from unique roadside attractions to local diners, scenic points, hotels and more. Hipmunks is the app for travelers, letting you see not just the cheapest airfares but also let you sort flights by ‘agony’ to see durations and layovers. You can book hotels at the last minute and save on Tonight Deals, and their heatmaps let you know which areas are the best for food, nightlife, landmarks and more.

We’re Getting Motivated

This year is all about pushing ourselves to be better. We are learning new things and improving ourselves. Apps like Meetup let us inspire and bring people together to learn from each other in subjects that interest them. WoeBot uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to create mindfulness and let you manage your stress, giving advice and exercises on how to improve your well-being. Build a better routine with Fabulous, which will teach you better habits depending on your goals. Whether it’s getting a better night’s sleep, boosting productivity or start exercising, this app will help you make small, gradual steps over time until you get where you want to be.

We’re Making Impressions

Having a great social media account or blog has become important for us this year. Using apps like UNUM will let you plan out your posts to show the real you on your personal pages, with photo editing and an analyzing feature that’s tailored to keep you ahead of the curve. PolarSteps will track your steps and create beautiful visual maps of your travels. You can even invite your friends and family to join your maps so they don’t miss out on anything! Do your CV a favor by getting the Edx app, a massive open online classroom (MOOC) platform that lets you learn whatever, whenever. Take courses from the top universities in the world, with more and more options being offered every month, from languages to science, art and more.

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