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04/09/2019 13:44

Enjoy Life: Best Summer Music Events in Europe

Enjoy Life: Best Summer Music Festivals in Europe

Summer in the EU means music festivals, and there are plenty to choose from! If you are considering which festivals to go to this summer, take a look at our favorite list of music festivals in Europe!

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28/05/2019 12:50

Doğanın Kalbine Doğru: Türkiye’deki Doğa Harikası Kamp Güzergahları

 Doğanın Kalbine Doğru: Türkiye’deki En İyi Kamp Güzergahları

Son yıllarda hayatımıza giren ve hızla yayılan 'cittaslow' yani 'sakin şehirler' akımıyla beraber şehir hayatından, gökdelenlerden, arabalardan, kalabalıktan uzaklaşmak bir trend halini aldı. 

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20/08/2019 09:53

Remote Work: The Ultimate Tips for Working Remotely


Remote Work: The Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely 

Widespread access to the internet combined with the digitalization of many jobs has led to a huge wave of employees switching to remote work, and with good reason. 

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18/07/2019 15:30

Driving in Turkey: The Most Beautiful Road Trips


Known as the bridge where East meets West, Turkey is a wonderful blend of cultures spanning millennia. There are endless amounts of things to do in Turkey, perfect for all types of travelers and every budget.

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18/07/2019 15:11

Bring Your Job On The Road: What Is A Digital Nomad?

If you are tired of your normal work routine and of traveling just for short vacations a couple times a year, then the digital nomad life could be exactly what you need! But what exactly does it mean to be a digital nomad?

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12/06/2019 10:53

This year’s Super Cup promises to be even more exciting than last year’s when Atletico Madrid needed extra time to defeat their crosstown rivals Real Madrid 4-2 (after a 98th minute equalizer!).

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21/05/2019 09:35


It can get dull being alone when you move to another city. However, if you’re seeking a companion – whether for social events or romance - mobile apps can come to our rescue.

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18/04/2019 08:42


In recent years, hotspot internet sharing has become available almost everywhere, while access to open networks has expanded significantly. Public wireless network use is now considered indispensable.

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