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04/02/2019 08:04

Contemporary world is the age of technology. Back in 80’s, GPS was a luxury, mainly associated with military and scouting. Star-mapping, moon positions and “asking someone” was the common ways of getting direction. Okay, maybe it is a bit exaggerated, yet today’s GPS navigation techs are so advanced and common to a level that was unimaginable in the past century. Maps are digitized and now both online and offline maps are doing their job perfectly on smartphones and tablets – in your pockets and bags. On your fingertips, easy and fast.

What is GPS?

"GPS, or the Global Positioning System, is a global navigation satellite system that uses at least 24 satellites, a receiver and algorithms to provide location, velocity and time synchronization for air, sea and land travel." (source: https://www.geotab.com/blog/what-is-gps/)

But most importantly, we have to mention that: GPS signals are not related to Internet. Which means, your phone receives GPS signals directly from the satellites, without using internet data. Fortunately, Turkey is well covered by the satellite GPS system, so GPS in Turkey is not a problem.

Does GPS use internet?

No. As mentioned above, GPS does not consume data from your internet service. However, your phone needs internet connection for the map itself. That is to say, the phone (or tablet) calculates your locational coordinates via the satellites, therefore you only need an offline functioning map. This is where internet comes. You need to download a map of Turkey so it can work offline, or you can use an online map app, staying up to date. Using a wifi hotspot device will help you stay connected all the time. You can read more on map apps from here.

What are the Best Sat-Nav apps?

There is no “best app” but some apps obviously have better functionality than others. There are many satellite apps and navigation apps on AppStore for iPhone and iPad and PlayStore for Android that works abroad.

Google Maps is undoubtedly the most known and used free GPS app. It works both online and offline. You can select a portion of the map and download that part to be able to use offline later. You still need a network connection beforehand. Additionally, Google Maps does a fantastic job when online. You can search for touristic locations in Turkey and read reviews. It also has driving assistance with dozens of languages available and real time traffic data.

MapFactor GPS Navigation is another free navigation app offering both online and offline maps. Using data from OpenStreetMaps, MapFactor supports offline maps in over 200 countries abroad, including Turkey. It is free to use, however there are some ads. In app purchases to remove ads are optional.

Here WeGo may look familiar to many. It is the former Nokia GPS services. It was and still very popular among drivers and traveler abroad. It has frequent updates, making it a reliable satellite app. It is fast and easy to use. Here WeGo will be your personal guide during your travel to Turkey. It is free but comes with ads.

Sygic is a polished and professional looking navigation app. It uses TomTom maps and mainly designed for drivers. Being accurate and various map view options (including 3D), Sygic is like a co-pilot. It warns you about speed limits, has a lane guidance system and real traffic information. You will require an internet connection.

So, the important question is whether a network connection is necessary when travelling.

As mentioned above most of these apps still need a network connection, in order to download locations or to use all of the necessary features while travelling. Furthermore, you will be able to fulfil your daily requirements with a reliable, unlimited network connection, such as gaining access to other mobile apps/ emails, communicating with loved ones.

Rent 'n Connect mobile wifi devices will be a great partner with these apps, helping you to find your way wherever you are in Turkey.


Here are more benefits: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 30 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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18/01/2019 18:27

Maps and navigation apps that you would never lose your way again in Turkey

Exploring by wandering within the small streets of Turkey can be one of the great benefits of traveling abroad. Because in this way you can discover the beauty of Turkey by yourself. Although you can easily find your way by asking or using a traditional map when you’re walking in a city center within Turkey, it may be difficult when you’re driving. In this case, navigation can serve as co-pilot and relieve you of enormous strain during your journey. Additionally, most of the navigation apps lighten this activity by showing helpful reviews and tips about Turkey and sharing local experiences.

In this article, we are going to introduce you five best navigation applications that have maps for Turkey.

Google Maps

No list on maps would be complete without Google Maps. As a part of Google applications and services, Google Maps is an all-in-one solution. It works nearly on all platforms: Android devices, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows and Linux laptops. And the good part is, it is completely free.

Google Maps has up-to-date navigational data of Turkey, and it provides you with directions for a private vehicle, by walk or public transit with several alternatives. Google Maps have one of the best search functions among the navigation apps. Using the advanced Google search engine, the results are fast and consistent.

Last but not least, it has an offline function. You can select an area and download the whole map for that are and use it offline.


Waze, a part of Google since 2013, is using Google Maps data. What makes using Waze in Turkey different is that Waze is a kind of “Social GPS”. How a maps software be social? That is done by gathering data contributed by Waze users. That way, you will have access to the latest oil prices, road traffic, accidents, and various other travel conditions. As a community-driven GPS maps application, Waze is faster on being updated. If you have a stable Wi-Fi connection, you will have instant access to the traffic in Turkey thanks to Waze.


Sygic is a paid-app with a free but limited version available as well. It works perfectly in Turkey, although we recommend Sygic especially for those who like to travel with their personal vehicles. Sygic, unlike Waze, uses TomTom maps -who provides a well-known, industry-leading service. Apart from Google-based navigational services, Sygic has a parking database. Thanks to this unique feature, you will find the closest available parking lot with the cheapest price in Turkey. It also has a “mirror-screen” option, which makes using navigation while driving extremely comfy. All you have to do is connecting to Sygic via the app.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps, default navigation app for iOS devices has all the basics that one would expect from a maps app for Turkey. It also offers travel suggestions based on the information that it gathers from your calendar and on your previous travels. Which makes Apple Maps a personalized assistant. It is also Uber compatible, so you can make Uber appointments. Although it is an all-in-one application that would suit most of your needs, unfortunately, it is an iOS exclusive. To be able to use, you need to open the app from your iPhone or iPad.


MapQuest, founded in 1967, is one of the leading competitors of Apple and Google. It has layers such as food, hotels, gas, and shopping and it has an easy-to-use driving feature. MapQuest also has a section of live cameras -which is great because you can see the weather and traffic conditions in Turkey before going out of your hotel room. In order to be updated with the latest traffic thanks to MapQuest, you need a stable network connection.

In summary, it is crucial to mention that almost every single one of these apps and/or all of their features work with an internet connection. Fortunately, you can book Rent ‘n Connect wifi hotspot devices for your travels abroad and stay connected with our high speed, unlimited Wi-Fi and enjoy using these highly helpful navigation apps!


Here are more benefits: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 30 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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16/01/2019 16:44

Five excellent apps that would make your travel much easier and delightful for free

During your travels abroad, travel apps are your best aides. Maps and printed guides of the past century are already near-forgotten. What we have now is a wide and vast variety of interactive apps that would help you for a flawless travel experience during your stay in Turkey.

Apps that travelers should use

A good travel app is your best buddy when abroad. But not all apps are user-friendly or easy to use. That is why you need to check some specifications before deciding on what to install on your smartphone.

If you have a generous data plan while traveling, then apps should be:

  • Easy to use,
  • Free to download,
  • Working both online and offline.

If you don’t have these data options, then better focus on the following specifications:

  • Apps should not be using much internet data,
  • Be easy to use,
  • Be free to download.

In this article, we are going to introduce five of the best free travel apps available on Google’s Playstore and iOS’ App Store for Turkey. All of those apps are free to install and Mobile WiFi Device compatible.


Turkey is known for its good quality hotels. Since accommodation in Turkey is not always easy to find and less pricey, Airbnb makes it easier and more affordable. Many travelers looking for accommodation use Airbnb to rent rooms, homes, and apartments. Even trailers and boat-houses are available for you in Airbnb. You can choose the date and duration of your stay and then select the best option available to you.

Hotel Tonight

You are already in Turkey but forgot to book your hotel? Seriously? Do not worry. Because Hotel Tonight will do the trick. All you need to do is running the app via your smartphone and Hotel Tonight will find you all the available hotel rooms with best prices.

Google Trips

Today, Google-powered Android devices have the majority stake in the smartphone market. A recent study shows that 75% of smartphone users are using Android devices. And since Google is the main developer of Android, Google apps become essential. For those relying on Google Maps, Calendar and Gmail, Google Trips will work perfectly. It automatically gathers information from your Google services. For example, if you have a flight reservation email in your Gmail for Turkey, Google Trips will suggest you hotels, restaurants and touristic locations based on your flight. Is not it amazing to have your very own personal assistant in your pocket?

And if you prefer a live assistant instead of an automatic response, you can use this app that offers live assistance wherever you’re traveling to.


Hopper what? It is an amazing service for Turkey. Hopper works simple: It tracks flight prices for you and let you know when it is cheap and best to buy – and when to avoid. So, when you are enjoying your stay in Turkey, you can let Hopper find the best flight for your next trip.


No travel app list would be complete without one of the leading online source for travelers: TripAdvisor. Most of the hotels, restaurants and touristic sites in Turkey have their TripAdvisor reviews. Before or even on the site, you can easily open TripAdvisor app and read the reviews and suggestions about the locations. TripAdvisor literally works at any corner of Turkey when you have a network connection.

There is only one downside of these apps for people traveling around the world not having access to a network connection (which is - believe us- more of a common experience): Without any stable network connection, you’re not able to use these apps, since they only work online.

Fortunately, you can book Rent ‘n Connect wifi hotspot devices for your travels abroad and stay connected with our high speed, unlimited Wi-Fi and enjoy using these highly helpful apps!


Here are more benefits: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 30 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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15/01/2019 12:21

We have attended to various exhibitions about travelling, travel technology, entrepreneurship and marketing. By this way, we gathered with many leading professionals, marketers and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we provided Wi-­Fi Zones. So, participants could enjoy staying connected with our high speed, unlimited Wi‐Fi. Here are some of the exhibitions we have attended in.

StartupTurkey by è-TOHUM:

15-16 April 2018

This event brought together top 37 startups with mentors, investors and companies. Most promising three startups were selected and had the opportunity to pitch on stage. Rent ‘n Connect was one of the sponsors and exhibitors at this event. By this way we could share our expertise with other finalists. In addition, we provided high speed, unlimited Wi-Fi at Startup Turkey.

Read more about the event.

Urban Picnic by yemeksepeti:

12 May 2018

Urban Picnic was the first night picnic organized in Turkey. This event lasted for two days, in which participants could enjoy the nature, diverse cuisine and music. Rent ‘n Connect provided Wi-Fi Zones, for the main areas as well as VIP areas, enabling visitors enjoy unlimited, high speed Wi-Fi and share their memorable moments.

Webrazzi in London:

31 May 2018

The focus points of this conference were mainly on digital markets, startups, investments, events and technological developments. Webrazzi brought together major foreign & local investors, strong-willed entrepreneurs and professionals who want to establish connections within Europe. Many discussions and panels about the future of entrepreneurship between countries and also the current situation of different markets and industries were held. Rent ‘n Connect was an exhibitor at this event and had the opportunity of building crucial B2B connections.

Read more about the event.

Big Burn by BURN:

20-22 July 2018

Rent ‘n Connect provided Wifi Zones for the biggest and newest electronic music festival, which took place at Suma Beach Istanbul. The fans at the event enjoyed our high speed, unlimited Wifi and share their memorable moments.

StartupIstanbul by è-TOHUM:

19-22 October 2018

Tech companies, executives, startups and investors from 65 countries got together and exchanged valuable ideas. Rent ‘n Connect was one of the exhibitors and provided unlimited, high speed Wi-Fi at the whole event.

Read more about the event.

Uzakrota in Athens:

28 September 2018

Uzakrota Aegean Travel Talks 2018 brought together Turkish and Greektravel agencies, travel technology companies, hotels and bloggers. Many panels to these topics, such as Digital Transformation in Tourism How is it provided? ","Greece and Turkey Tourism","SEO, Digital Marketing and Importance of Content","PR and Destination Marketing"And"Additional Income in Tourism” were held and discussed. We also had the opportunity to make crucial B2B connections.

Read more about the event.

Brand Week Istanbul Gastro by Kapital Medya:

7-9 November 2018

A large-scale event aimed at bringing Turkey’s marketing and communication industry together with the world’s most creative names, concepts, and projects. Besides being an exhibitor, we provided mobile wifi solutions at the event and speakers.

Travel Turkey Izmir:

5-7 December 2018

Travel Turkey Izmir is a tourism show for the tourism market in Turkey organized by Association of Turkish Travel Agencies under the patronage of Ministry of Culture & Tourism. Besides establishing new connections and partnerships, we provided mobile wifi solutions for participating stands and wifi zones.

Read more about the event.