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  • TOP 8 TRAVEL TRENDS in 2020: Post-COVID

12/06/2020 12:58

After all the hardship the world has been through, we are sure that there will be a lot of changes regarding the way we travel. After COVID 19, mass tourism will become more sustainable, secure, and environmentally conscious.  Due to COVID 19, many people changed their travel plans due to cancelled flights and high risk.

Longwoods study gives us some idea of what the rest of 2020 will bring for travellers. Let’s check out the New travel trends for 2020 post-COVID 19. 

1- Domestic Travel

Since airline companies have stopped their flights due to new legislation for COVID 19. People would rather travel locally in order to pay less and feel safer. In case of any problem or disease, they can easily get back to their home or apply for health support right away.

2-Mind and Nature Tourism

Mass tourism is no longer considered safe after the effects of Coronavirus. This leads to a new trend for travellers: Nature tourism. Nature tourism has a wide range of activities and accommodation. Camping is a great example of nature tourism and mind tourism. It provides the traveller with a close relationship with nature and solitude which helps to preserve social distancing while travelling. 

3-Micro Holidays

Despite our old habits of long flights and long drives, micro-holidays will become more popular since it cuts the time travellers spend on the road and brings them to a closer and easily accessible location.


With personal vehicles like cars, motorcycles and caravans, travellers will feel more safe and free with the mobility of a vehicle and the privacy of their own sphere.. Travelling around with a vehicle can help you keep your distance from others and also can help you move around more rapidly and easily without any mass contact.

5-Vacation Rentals

Instead of big hotel chains filled with people and plenty of employees, renting a vacation home will be a better choice. It will help you to avoid the crowd but also get the luxury vacation you wish for

6-Across Border Venturing

In many countries in Europe border travelling  will be more convenient than taking a long flight to a far distance. People can easily go to their destinations with their cars or short flights, allowing them to  feel close to home and have the mobility to see more places in a short time. 

7-Family Travel

Considering that many families have been apart throughout lockdown in many countries, family travel will be the new trend of the Post-COVID era. Travellers will possibly be planning their vacations with more people from their family or close friends instead of being with mass crowds or people they don’t necessarily know. 

8-Digital Travel

While staying at home, most of the travel agencies, museums and historical locations have started to launch their online platforms to help travellers and globetrotters around the world to follow their passions and see more even at home. 

Regardless of what the future will bring, travel is a piece of human life and it will continue to be a part of our lives. No matter what your first travel plans are after lockdown, be sure to stay connected and stay safe anywhere you go. Check out our special prices for you in 130+ countries and get more information for our Home Wi-Fi solutions here

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