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About Us

Who Are We?

Rent ’n Connect is a travel tech company that rents high-speed portable Wi-Fi devices. Our vision is to make people stay connected to internet anytime, anywhere they go with affordable prices. To achieve that, we use latest technology devices with multiple connection capabilities, so one device will be enough for you and for your friends.

Why should I choose Rent 'n Connect?

Users should prefer fast, secure and unlimited internet connections while traveling, especially since free access is a great deal of risk. Mobile Hotspots offers many advantages, allowing users to cleanly connect to the internet. If you rent a pocket wifi from Rent ‘n Connect, you can connect any 10 devices you want to the internet securely. It’s practical and very useful when traveling Turkey. When buying a local sim card, the activation charge + minimum data package will cost around 40 Euro, whereas roaming charges may be even more expensive, use Rent 'n Connect Mobile Wifi Hotspot instead and save!! Rent ‘n Connect allows you to access the internet on demand, in a fast and secure manner. Besides, our Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot devices have unlimited data and you can connect upto 10 devices!