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About Us

Wifi Device in Travel


Who Are We?


Rent 'n Connect is a  travel technologies company. We provide products and services that help travelers to stay connected at all times. With offices in London, Berlin and Istanbul, we offer connectivity solutions at affordable prices wherever you go.

Our mission is to help people stay connected anytime, anywhere they go at affordable prices. To achieve this mission, we use latest technology devices with multiple connection capabilities, so one device will be enough for you and for your friends.  Whether you want to share your trip memories on social media, continue to work on the go, or simply want to stay connected to friends and family, Rent 'n Connect offers reliable, fast and affordable solutions for your needs.


Why should I choose Rent 'n Connect?

We understand that reliable connectivity is important to make travelling simple and fun.  We offer fast, secure and unlimited connection at affordable prices.  Our  mobile hotspot is a reliable and secure way to make sure you are connected at all times.  With our latest technology devices that have multiple connection capabilities you can connect up to ten devices. Instead of worrying roaming charges, or buying local sim cards, renting a mobile hotspot is cheaper and easier.  We also offer a easy pick up and return service and have a 24/7 Customer Support to assist you during your stay.