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  • Things to Do in Copenhagen

21/11/2019 11:37

Things to Do in Copenhagen

If you’re headed on a trip to Copenhagen, you’ve probably gone through list after list looking for activities to do during your stay. Some of the top destinations include the following:

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Things to Do in Copenhagen

Rosenborg Castle

Built as a summer house for Scandinavian king, Christian IV, in 1606, this castle offers a glimpse into treasures and works of arts from history. You can walk the halls of this grand palace and admire the ways of life the royals of this era enjoyed.

Things to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Opera House 

Regardless of if you like opera, you’ll love to take a tour of one of the most expensive opera houses ever constructed. It was designed by a Danish architect and features stunning bronze reliefs and sculptures. 

Things to Do in Copenhagen

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in Copenhagen contain the largest collection of living flora in Denmark. Specifically, it features more than 13,000 different species of plants. The 10 hectares sized space of a 19th-century greenhouses will be a sight to see that you won’t want to miss on your trip.

Things to Do in Copenhagen

Royal Library of Denmark

Booklover or not, a trip to the Royal Library of Denmark will be one that you won’t likely forget. This library is one of the world’s largest and most beautiful libraries. It recently underwent an extension, which is a work of artchitectural art. From books to art exhibits, wine and artisanal fare, this library goes far beyond offering books to read.


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