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  • Top 7 Benefits of a WiFi Egg for International Travelers

26/09/2019 08:17

Top 7 Benefits of a WiFi Egg for International Travelers

Wi-Fi Eggs, what are they, and why do they sound like some strange sort of breakfast item? Nearly the same thing as pocket Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi Egg is a small, easily portable hotspot device for connecting to the internet on the go. International travelers can rent them from airports or other companies to stay connected to the fastest internet access for the duration of their stay. But what exactly are the benefits of using a Wi-Fi Egg while you travel? We have the answers for you, just check out the list below!

Top 7 Benefits of a WiFi Egg for International Travelers

1. Egg Wifi offers a more secure connection than public Wi-Fi


Accessing free Wi-Fi in restaurants or other public spaces while traveling can be tempting, but also very dangerous. These connections may not be secured, allowing anyone to view your devices and possibly hack them. With Wi-Fi Eggs the connection is private and secure and only you may use it, which means there is no chance of hackers stealing your personal information.


Top 7 Benefits of a WiFi Egg for International Travelers

2. Wi-Fi eggs are convenient to carry and store while traveling


Mobility is a key aspect of Wi-Fi eggs. Small and light, the device can easily be carried around in a backpack or purse. Even with the charger packed for long day trips, the device will take up minimum space in travel bags.


Top 7 Benefits of a WiFi Egg for International Travelers

3. Wi-Fi egg helps you save money and hassle


No one enjoys paying for roaming charges for using their mobile data while abroad. Using Wifi Egg, international travelers can save up to 95% on internet access, with a variety of conveniently priced egg mobile plans to choose from with no package refilling necessary. Compared to purchasing a local SIM card, Wi-Fi Egg booking rentals are more practical and do not require contract signing or visiting stores to add more internet plans.


Top 7 Benefits of a WiFi Egg for International Travelers

4. Wi-Fi Eggs offer multi-device connectivity


With Wi-Fi Eggs, more than one device can be connected, including from friends or family. Unlike SIM cards or data roaming, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices besides mobile phones can be used.



Top 7 Benefits of a WiFi Egg for International Travelers


5. Wi-Fi Egg provides unlimited 4G internet to keep you connected everywhere, anytime.


With no usage limits, you can simply turn on the device to connect to the internet for as long as they need, regardless of where they are in the country or the time. With 4G internet speed, you can quickly open applications, work on their laptops, or send messages without any lags.

6. Wi-Fi Eggs lets you keep in touch with your family and friends and discover your surroundings


Wi-Fi Egg provides an uncomplicated, fun way to post your travel photos, call your family back home, look up directions on the map, or locate your travel partner. With unlimited Wi-Fi, this device lets you search and discover all the amazing things around your travel destination.


7. Wi-Fi Eggs is simple and easy to use


With no contracts or software installment, Wi-Fi Egg offers stress-free internet access. Merely turning on the device and connecting from your mobile phone or computer is enough to be able to use the internet.


So in what countries can you rent a Wi-Fi Egg? While you can rent pocket Wi-Fi from nearly any country, this particular type seems to be popular in eastern Asia. Especially in South Korea Wi-Fi Eggs are known as an affordable mobile hotspot option for travelers. Wi-Fi Egg Korea lets customers pre-order their unit in advance, with easy airport pick-up and drop-off. For frequent travelers, there is also an option from some companies to purchase the device and just pay for service. The Egg Wi-Fi Korea provides excellent coverage even in rural areas, so travelers never have to worry about getting lost without Wi-Fi while they travel.


In Australia and surrounding areas, more tourists now are opting for Wi-Fi eggs rather than local SIM cards due to costs, convenience, and multi-connectivity. Internet coverage can be a big issue in Australia due to the majority of the continental island is sparsely inhabited, so with Wi-Fi, Egg Australia visitors can find their way around the island with ease.



Here are more advantages: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 50 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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