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  • What is the best Wi-fi Hotspot Device for travel? Advantages of Mobile Hotspot Device vs Phone?

27/12/2018 16:46

In our modern world, every service has its own alternatives as Wi-fi Hotspot Device does. Is iOS better than Android? Should I choose Windows or MacOS?   What are the advantages of Mobile Hotspot Device versus phone? What makes Rent & Connect different from other mobile hotspot services? If you are wondering why it is a way better and economical to use a Wi-Fi Device instead of the internet sharing option of your phone, do not worry, you are not alone. And yet again, no worries, because this blog article is going to explain you why.

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Portable Wi-Fi Device vs Phone

To start with, let us summarize the key differences that makes difference on mobile internet connection:

The battery life, e.g. how long you can stay connected with a mobile hotspot.

The data costs of Portable Wi-Fi Device and phone - will you be able to pay as you go?

The service capacity. How many devices can connect to Wi-fi Hotspot Device and phone?

And last but not the least is the internet speed and coverage area.

What is the Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Device for Travel ?

How Long Can You Stay Connected With a Portable Wi-Fi Device?

Rent & Connect Mobile Wi-Fi Device is a device that is specifically designed and produced to share internet access via wi-fi. That is its one and only purpose. That is what makes mobile hotspots efficient. Since they do not run any other programs or offer other services but wi-fi, they have the longest possible battery life. Sharing internet via your phone will drain your battery because smart phones are not designed to be mobile hotspots. They are phones, to make calls, run apps and send text messages. That means, you can have up to five times longer battery life with Rent & Connect Portable Wi-Fi Device than that of your smart phone’s, without additional charging. Longer battery life brings you longer internet connectivity.

What is Roaming and Will You Be Able to Pay As You Go With Pocket Wi-Fis?

While traveling abroad, your sim card will be ‘roaming’. Roaming is using a foreign mobile operator’s services. However, those are costly data plans, sometimes may even cost you in thousands of dollars! Also, not every foreign mobile operator is available to you. You will be stuck with your home GSM operator’s partners abroad - and in some cases, those would be the slowest ones or there would be limitations on roaming. On the other hand, Portable Wi-Fi Device works with a local sim card, using the best available service of the 3G/4G operator of the country you are visiting. Since they are using ‘local’ sim cards, they will be working with full capacity. In many countries, when you want to buy a sim card by yourself you are obligated to pay more than locals due to pricey tourist data packages. Roaming data packages would be insufficient and expensive. On the other hand, mobile hotspots allow you pay as you go. Being sure of your internet bill will bring more joy to your travels.

How Many Devices Can Connect To Wi-Fi Hotspot Device and Phone?

As we have mentioned above, phones are not capable of efficient wi-fi sharing. That limits the number of devices to connect to your phone. However, a mobile hotspot that you would obtain from Rent & Connect is able to deal with all your electronic devices simultaneously. Why disconnect your laptop because your travelling partner needs to access internet via tablet? With Mobile Hotspot Device, you can connect your laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles and any other devices with wi-fi to internet easily.

What Is The Internet Speed and Coverage of Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices?

Internet speed and coverage is another aspect. Mobile hotspots, since they are in your bag, pocket or on your hotel room desk, will cover all your devices due to their efficient wi-fi sphere. On the other hand, sharing internet through tethering will slow you down because it will be running several background programs and sharing internet will be another burden.

How To Choose The Best Mobile Hotspot Device For International Travel?

To get the best out of your Mobile Hotspot Device, you should choose the most advanced mobile hotspots that use the latest technological protocols, and also the one using the fastest mobile operator with the best coverage area. Lacking one of those would cause poor internet speed. Rent & Connect ensures that all devices are up to date and only works with the best 4G operators.


Here are more benefits: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 30 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!


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