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  • WiFi Wherever You Go: Mobile Hotspot Plans in Turkey for Travelers

04/09/2019 13:27

WiFi Wherever You Travel: Mobile Hotspot Plans in Turkey for Travelers

For many visitors to Turkey, access to the internet is a huge concern. Navigating transportation and finding destinations among bustling, sometimes confusing streets means that the internet is a necessity,  not to mention you probably want to be able to upload your travel posts to social media! There are many options for establishing internet connections for your devices, including local SIM cards, data roaming, and pocket WiFi plans. We’ve decided to do the work for you and compare the different portable WiFi plans to make sure you know you are getting the best internet connection for your next trip!

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WiFi Wherever You Go: Mobile Hotspot Plans in Turkey for Travelers

Purchasing a local SIM Card

In order to purchase and use a local SIM Card abroad, it is necessary to unlock your phone from your original company. Most mobile phones are locked to their service provider and need permission to be used on other networks. While some companies may offer this service for free, many do not and this cost must be added to total costs in addition to the price of the SIM card and internet packages. Generally, internet packages are sold by the Gigabyte, and can only be used by your mobile device. Like all mobile phone internet connections, the service will be stronger in urban areas and weaker or nonexistent in rural. This option is generally a more practical option for those planning to stay in their destination country for longer periods of time.


WiFi Wherever You Go: Mobile Hotspot Plans in Turkey for Travelers

Using your mobile phone’s data roaming

While this option does not require you to purchase any additional device or card, it is most likely going to be the more expensive option out of the three options unless you only plan to stay a couple of days at your destination. In addition to providing less coverage at a higher price, you can only use one device to connect to the internet. While many people work out a plan with their companies to limit their usage to avoid racking up a higher phone bill, it is still a much less useful option compared to the other two portable Wifi plans.

WiFi Wherever You Go: Mobile Hotspot Plans in Turkey for Travelers

Renting a Mobile Hotspot

This small, portable device is by far the best option if you plan to use lots of internet or connect many devices at one time but still want cheap wifi plans. With many companies providing flat-rate mobile hotspot plans, you won’t have to worry about going over your data or having to add more internet packages. This pocket wifi device provides uninterrupted, stable coverage all over your destination country, without any contracts or strings attached. The vast majority of portable wifi device providers will even bring the hotspot to your hotel and pick it up after your stay. Rent n’ Connect offers by far the most affordable unlimited mobile hotspot plans at 5.99 Euro/Day, as opposed to competitors’ prices starting at 8.95 Euro/day and up.


Here are more advantages: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 50 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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