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12/07/2021 08:06

Our traveling habits had to change these past years. Going back to our normal we wanted to expand our delivery and return points to provide easy access to all travelers around the world. We have opened our Delivery Points in Austria, Vienna, Madrid, Kuwait, Athens, Netherlands, Dublin and Dublin Airport, Hungary, Budapest and Budapest Airport! In these stated cities travelers could easily rent their Pocket wifi from rentnconnect.com and pick up from their hotels homes or stated airports! 


Austria - Vienna


Austria is usually mentioned as one of Europe's best locations to live, and it's easy to see why. It is exceptionally safe and clean, and it provides a wealth of affordable culture, natural beauty, and magnificent Baroque and neoclassical architecture, as well as a well-functioning public transportation system. Most famous locations in Austria are known as Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt and more!

We can deliver your Mobile Hotspot to your hotel or other preferred location prior to your arrival after you have completed your rental. You can also pick up your Mobile Hotspot in Wien, Austria at the Waffle by Hanımaga Waffle shop which is located at Pernerstorfergasse, very easy to stop by and it’s open all week! You can return your gadget to our supported partners' offices in your present location at the conclusion of your rental time. We can also pick up the Pocket WiFi at the location you specify.




If you are traveling to or from Kuwait you can rent your Pocket Wi-Fi device and pick it up before your flight. You can pick up your device from your home and return it the same way at your own home! Our team can deliver and pick up devices from any location you prefer. You can use Rent ‘n Connect Pocket wifi in 130+ Countries. 


Greece - Athens


History and archeology enthusiasts will love Athens, but nature lovers will appreciate the city's hills and stunning panoramas just as much. Traveling to Athens is a great opportunity to take amazing photos and gather memories but Greece has a lot more to offer with it’s amazing islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Cronos and many more. To do that you will need a connection solution that you can use without any limits. The solution is Rent ‘n Connect with 4G speed unlimited connection that you can share with up to 10 people/devices and easy delivery and return anywhere in Greece

In Athens you can pick up your mobile hotspot the same day! For the rest of Greece, you can pick up your device from any location or island in 1-2 business days. To avoid waiting, you can rent your device ahead of time and pick it up when you arrive from your hotel or address! 


Ireland - Dublin


Dublin is the Republic of Ireland's capital and by far its largest city. The republic comprises the majority of the island of Ireland, the British Isles' westernmost territory. The Wicklow Mountains, fishing villages like Howth, and historic mansions like Powerscourt House are all within an hour's drive of the city center and should not be missed. Traveling isn’t very easy in Ireland so having a Wi-Fi connection at all times is the best way to find a vehicle and stay safe. Rent ‘n Connect provides same day delivery and return options from Dublin Airport or by renting your device 1-2 days before your trip you can receive your device from your preferred location in Ireland. 

If you are traveling by or from Dublin Airport to another country you can also pick up your device from Dublin Airport and use your device in 130+ countries, stay connected and safe at all times with high speed connection. 


Budapest - Hungary 


Budapest is a magnificent location, with the hills of Buda, the vitality of Pest, and the mighty Danube River running between them. There are many activities to do in Budapest depending on your interests. The city is steeped in history, boasts a vibrant nightlife and delectable cuisine, and is surrounded by stunning architecture.

You can rent a Pocket Wi-Fi gadget and pick it up before your flight if you're flying to or from Budapest or Hungary. Our team can deliver and pick up your Pocket Wi-Fi the same day from Budapest Airport. You can pick up and return your device from the convenience of your own home or wherever you stay! Rent ‘n Connect Pocket WiFi is available in over 130 countries.



The Netherlands is a small country with historic buildings and cobblestone-laned cities, an interconnected system of canals, stunning and vast farmland, iconic windmills, and even some decent beaches. 

The Netherlands' modest size makes it easy to get about whether you're backpacking or just passing through. 


If you are traveling to any city in the Netherlands including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hague, Utrecht or others you can rent your unlimited pocket Wi-Fi from Rent ‘n Connect and enjoy your connection all around Europe. You can also rent your Pocket Wi-Fi for a future trip anywhere in 130+ countries and pick up your device from your preferred location before your flight.  


Rest of Europe


Travelers are lining up to return to Europe as the continent continues to reopen its borders to Americans. The rules for entry vary depending on the country you're visiting, but one thing is constant:Europe is always an amazing place to visit. With popular cities like London, Paris, Istanbul, Antalya, Rome, Prague, Barcelona, Vienna, Milan, Berlin and many more… In Europe it’s always hard to find a stable Wi-Fi connection especially if you are a remote worker you will need a connectivity solution. Rent ‘n Connect can provide 4G speed Wi-Fi connection in all over Europe.  With easy pick up and return solutions Rent ‘n Connect will help you stay connected with your family and friends, share your connection with up to 10 devices and stay freely connected at all times. You can pick up your device from any location in Europe in 1-2 business days. If you rent ahead of time you can pick up your device when you arrive from your preferred location, hotel or home address.

It’s becoming easier to travel since everything is going back to normal. You can always try a mobile hotspot device for unlimited connection throughout the world while traveling and stay connected while working remotely. This small and lightweight device will help you to avoid high roaming prices and safely enjoy your travel b y staying online at all times.  All you need to do is to rent the device and enjoy hassle-free your time! You can pick up your device anywhere in Europe and 130+ countries.


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