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  • Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To A Hotel’s Premium Wi-Fi Plan

12/06/2020 12:58

Let’s say you’re staying at a hotel and you need to use the internet; whether it’s for work, for studying or watching an episode of your favorite TV series before you go to sleep. Generally, this would require you to upgrade to a premium wifi plan ranging from €5 goes up to €15 for just 24 hours, since Hotel Wi-Fi is only free for smaller documents or for a limited period of time.  Big chain Hotels such as Marriott provide high-speed Wi-Fi plans 24 Hours for 15€ just for the ability to video call, download large files, and stream videos. 

Problems with Premium Wi-Fi

Poor Connection

Firstly, you would have to renew the plan every time you want to properly use the internet. On top of that, there are many complaints about how the hotels’ premium Wi-Fi isn’t worth the price and doesn’t have a premium or fast connection to be used. Think about paying for internet service and not getting a proper connection to use at least a couple of hours to enjoy your time at the hotel. 

Limited Time In A Limited Space

Why pay that much money when you can only use it for 24 hours? Do you really spend that much time in a hotel, especially when you’re traveling? You can’t use the Wi-Fi outside the hotel and if you’re traveling, this is a big issue and a big expense. It doesn’t solve your need for an internet connection outside the hotel.  

One Device Only

Generally, the paid internet service allows connection for only one device. If you’re staying at a hotel with your family or friends, this would mean that each person would have to pay for their own internet connection. 

The Smart Way Out

The best solution for an internet connection during your stay at a hotel or traveling to different locations would be to have a pocket Wi-Fi that allows you to have an unlimited internet connection which you can share with multiple devices.Hotels like Marriot that have many locations and provide a quality service would ask for a lot to have a proper connection, Hotels like Premierinn would ask for less but couldn’t provide a proper connection. The wise solution is to rent your Pocket Wi-Fi before going on a trip, pick up your Pocket Wi-Fi at your Hotel concierge, Airport, or the preferred location.

 You can also take your Pocket “Wi-Fi with you outside your hotel and enjoy your unlimited connection wherever you are.  Rent ’n Connect is the perfect solution that provides a portable, unlimited, safe, and high-speed Wi-Fi connection in more than 130 countries, and allows connection for up to 10 devices! With home delivery options in 40+ countries.

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