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  • What are the disadvantages of not using mobile hotspot?

18/04/2019 11:34

What eliminates the disadvanteges of Wi-Fi hotspot devices ?

Wireless Fidelity, or Wi-Fi, devices are indispensable elements of our lives now. All the smartphones, tablets, TVs and laptops we use are connected to the internet through this technology and our life is, generally, lived amid areas where we have Wi-Fi access, whether that access is public Wi-Fi, private Wi-Fi or a mobile phone hotspot. Thanks to Wi-Fi hotspot devices (portable Wi-Fi modems, pocket Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot devices), we are able to remain online as much as we like outside our home and work places, and we can share hotspot internet connections. Especially in places where the internet infrastructure is weak, public Wi-Fi may be compromised, and mobile data flow cannot be effectively provided, portable Wi-Fi modems can be a lifeline.

With Wi-Fi hotspot devices - which we can easily take anywhere and use freely in any environment - we can carry out our business independent from space and time. What are the features of portable Wi-Fi modems, and what are the disadvantages of not using these devices?

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What Are the Features Of Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices ?

● High-speed data transfer and internet connectivity based on LTE (Long Term Evolution) network technologies.

● Up to 4-6 hours of operating time with internal battery.

● Support for up to 10 different Wi-Fi connections at the same time.

● LED indicators for Wi-Fi, connection and battery.

What Is the Working Principle Of a Wi-Fi Hotspot Device ?

Portable Wi-Fi modems provide internet data to the modem when it is available for service. Data from the modem is transmitted wirelessly to laptops, tablets or smartphones with a Wi-Fi feature. In addition to portable Wi-Fi modems, mobile modems come in the form of a USB stick. However, the data transfer rates of USB modems are lower. Portable Wi-Fi modems are particularly suitable for use with laptops and notebooks. A Wi-Fi hotspot device with mobile hotspot security can be a crucial tool - outside, in your car or any time you need to work or need to access the internet.

What Eliminates the Disadvantages Of Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices ?

One of the most important features of portable wifi – also known as a mobile hotspot - is that it offers a private connection for your devices. Mobile hotspots help you avoid the misfortune of unreliable wifi connections. You can continue to work on personal or professional projects, safely,  in cafes, hotels or while traveling via a mobile hotspot. A mobile hotspot is also usually much faster than a public internet network. In addition, you can connect up to 10 devices at one time to a mobile hotspot.



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