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  • What are the types of hotspot connections?

18/04/2019 11:14

What are the types of hotspots?


Every day, millions of people connect to the internet from different locations - from cafes, shopping malls, restaurants and campuses – using a mobile hotspot, also known as a wifi hotspot device. However, terms such as hotspot, mobile hotspot, wifi hotspot device and wifi share can be confusing.

Hotspot was coined by Brett Stewart at the NetWorld + Intercop conference in 1993 and soon entered the international lexicon. In its simplest form, a hotspot is defined as an open wifi point. According to some research, there are approximately 200 million hotspots around the world today.

So, what are the differences between getting online via a hotspot and a wifi hotspot device? What are the types of hotspots and wifi shares?


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What are the types of hotspots?

What Are Hotspots and Mobile Hotspot Devices?

Hotspot: A hotspot is a physical location where people may obtain Internet access, typically using wifi technology, via a wireless local area network (WLAN), using a router connected to an internet service provider. It is a wifi distributor that enables wireless connection of laptops, smartphones and tablets to the internet. This enables wifi share. Hotspot networks can be used free of charge in many places but, in some places, these wifi share services are offered paid and prepaid.  

Mobile Hotspot Device: Portable hotspot networks. While hotspot networks are physically linked to a location, mobile hotspot networks are mobile and have no physical limitations. The lack of limitation of portable hotspot networks is an important advantage in terms of use. In addition, these mobile hotspot devices - portable wifi modems - can connect up to 10 different devices to the Internet at the same time. Having a portable network, in terms of hotspot solutions, makes it easier.

This information can include any e-mail you send, your credit card information, security information that you use to access your business network and your data – in other words, anything that might be private and important to you.  After a hacker acquires your information, they can use it to perform transactions and gain access to sensitive information. However, you can protect your device from hackers with some precautions.

What are the types of hotspots?

What is Wifi?

Hotspot and wifi are two different concepts that are frequently confused. wifi (Wireless Fidelity) is the name given to technology that enables tablets, smartphones or computers to access the Internet over a wireless connection. Communication in this technology is provided by radio signals. Magnetic fields affecting radio signals and some physical conditions that interrupt radio signals may affect wifi quality.


What are the types of hotspots?

Where Are Hotspot Usage Areas?

Public hotspot networks are usually found in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, airports, shops, shopping centres, fuel stations, hotels, hospitals and libraries. In addition, many companies use internet distributor hotspot networks to enable employees to connect their mobile devices. According to research, North America, Europe and Asia have the most hotspot points worldwide.


What are the types of hotspots?

How Many Types of Hotspots Exist?

Hotspot networks are classified as free or paid. Hotspot networks, which are usually free of charge, can also be paid at some points.

Free Hotspot Networks: You pay no fee for public network connections.

Paid Hotspot Networks: When a connection to these networks is made, users are first directed to a home screen, where they are requested to enter a password or a payment; internet access is then opened to the devices.

How is Hotspot Security Provided?

It is advisable to keep in mind that you are at risk when you access the internet from public hotspot connections.

● You can access social networks, internet banking and e-commerce sites via a VPN.

● You can be aware of the presence of SSL certificates on the sites you access.

● You can use your own mobile hotspot device.



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