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  • What Are the Most Accurate Weather Apps?

23/10/2019 09:22

Best Weather Apps for iPhone

What Are the Most Accurate Weather Apps?

With thousands of weather apps available, it can be difficult choosing the best, most accurate one to download to your mobile device. Let us help you in your search for the best weather apps for Android and iPhone. For our complete rundown of the current top weather apps, check out the compilations below.

Weather - The Weather Channel

What Are the Most Accurate Weather Apps?

The Weather Channel app is similar to what you would see on the normal television channel, but with special added features such as forecast alerts and government-issued warnings. With access to current weather conditions, forecasts, road and traffic conditions, activity reports, as well as videos, it is the best free weather app and arguably the overall best weather app on iPhone.


What Are the Most Accurate Weather Apps?

This weather mobile app features something called a MinuteCast, giving users a minute-by-minute update of weather conditions for up to two hours in advance. Hourly local forecasts for up to three days ahead are also available in addition to 15-day daily forecasts. Users receive additional information on allergies, sunrise and sunset times, and are able to customize radar maps. As an added bonus, you can send in your own weather reports and videos, and AccuWeather might feature it in their news reports. 

 Dark Sky

What Are the Most Accurate Weather Apps?

Decidedly the overall best weather app 2019, Dark Sky gives down-to-the-minute forecasts for users’ exact location as well as the standard hourly and weekly forecasts. What sets Dark Sky apart as the best-rated weather app is both its attractive interface complete with temperature maps and its ability to let users customize notifications based on rainfall, snowfall, UV index, humidity changes, and more. While it became very popular on the iPhone, it is now also widely popular as one of the best Android weather apps.

 Weather Underground

What Are the Most Accurate Weather Apps?

For those wanting to know what is the best weather app for checking the local forecast, as one of the best Android apps Weather Underground is the answer. In addition to providing accurate, current local weather data, this top-rated weather app presents a wealth of important data, both current and historical, on temperatures, wind speeds, daily rainfall, pollutants, and the current UV index. Users can access this Android weather app free of charge, but for an ad-free version, there is a $1.99 annual subscription fee.



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