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  • Make Your Life Easy: 10 Travel Essentials

20/08/2019 09:27

Make Your Life Easy: 10 Travel Essentials

 Make Your Life Simpler: 10 Travel Essentials

Are you packing for a trip and aren't sure where to begin? We've all been there. Weeks before your travel, you start debating with yourself about what you should bring and what you should leave at home.  That's why we've decided to take out the guesswork and compiled for you this complete list of essential things to pack for a trip!


Travel backpack

 Using a travel backpack instead of a small, wheeled suitcase can make traveling much easier. Carrying a backpack is also useful for a variety of trip styles such as hiking, beach trips, or touring around a city. For our pick as the best travel backpack for Europe, Osprey provides many great backpack options to suit your next adventure. It is both compact and spacious, as well as cabin baggage-sized.


Comfortable Shoes

 For your trip, you will most likely be doing lots of walking. While it may be tempting to prioritize style over comfort, we recommend including one pair of durable sneakers with you to wear for the exploration and sightseeing parts of your trip. In addition to the sneakers, a pair of comfortable sandals that can be used for both the beach and/or a night out would be a useful addition to add to your packing list.



 Sunglasses are certainly traveled essentials for Europe, as they protect your eyes during the long days spent outside exploring, whether you are in Italy or Norway. Don't skimp on quality for your next pair, be sure to keep your eyes safe by getting sunglasses with strong sunlight and UV protection.



 If your plan is to travel to Europe in the summer, it is a great idea to bring along some sunscreen. Even if your plan doesn't involve any beach time, walking around under the sun all day can be dangerous for your skin.


Smartphone/Digital Camera

 Perhaps this is a bit of a no-brainer, but you're going to want to bring something to take pictures of your trip! If your smartphone doesn't take as high-quality pictures as you need to document your adventures, take along a digital camera. For the best selection in cameras, Amazon is the place to go.



 Is it possible to travel in 2019 without needing to charge a device? We think not, and that is why we included chargers on this list. Our devices are incredibly important while traveling, for using maps, getting directions, finding information and more. For a quick charge on the go, power banks are a lifesaver, and when you have time a USB port wall charger can charge all your devices at once. For the best selection of both and more types of chargers, Anker is the go-to brand for travelers.



 It's a hassle trying to charge all your devices abroad, figuring out all the different outlets and having to get new converters wherever you go. This is why we recommend Epicka Universal Travel Adapter and Hyleton Worldwide Travel Adapter so you will always have the right adapter to charge your devices.


Water bottle

 To save on water while you travel, invest in a water bottle. Water in Europe can be pricey, and in some parts less accessible than others. Go for a stainless steel water bottle that can keep your water cool, and can be used for hot drinks like tea and coffee as well. If you plan on going somewhere with questionable water quality or on a natural adventure, take along a water purifier bottle such as The Grayl Water Purifier Bottle.


Travel clothes

 When packing your travel clothes for Europe, you should do some research on the country or countries you will visit, including their climate during your travel season as well as what styles the locals typically wear. A quick look at the forecast before you begin packing will help you determine what clothes you will need to bring. Our advice is to create a solid mix-and-match wardrobe with 3-4 different comfortable, different colored shirts and a couple of pairs of pants or shorts. For trips up North in colder climates, sweaters are a great way to keep warm and stay stylish. An additional outfit for dressing up such as a sundress or a button-down shirt for men should be sufficient to get you through your trip.


Travel cubes

 As part of our travel packing tips, we suggest travel cubes for saving time and keep track of your items throughout your trip. Coming in sets of three or four pieces, you can quickly organize your things into each cube before packing into your suitcase. There are many great packing cube brands, but two of the best are Away the Insider and eBags packing cube sets.

Make Your Life Simpler: 10 Travel Essentials

Bonus-Pocket WiFi

Don’t forget about staying connected while you travel! This device gives high-speed unlimited internet access to up to ten devices, and it fits easily into your pocket or backpack. You can browse for places to eat, look up directions, upload your travel photos and more for one flat daily rate. Rent ’n Connect offers affordable rates and easy hotel delivery and pick-up options, making it one of the most popular companies for mobile hotspot device rentals!


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