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  • Which mobile taxi apps you can use in Turkey?

28/06/2019 08:08

If you find yourself in Turkey on holiday and don’t feel like trying to tackle the public transportation system, you will most likely need to take a taxi. If you don’t speak Turkish or know the city, this can be easier said than done.   Take the stress out of getting around by using one of these apps on your next trip to Turkey.

Spotify Turkey Top50 List 


Although not as famous as the previous two, this app is worth mentioning as you can not only call a taxi, but also hire a car or limo to take you where you need to go. Similar to the first two, it lets you receive a fair quote and the information about your driver, even their licensing. This app lets you book a ride for now or later and also has an added safety security measure; a ping when you get in the car lets you know that you are stepping into the right vehicle. Carmel also offers many rewards and perks for using their services, which is always a huge plus!



Turkey’s most well-known taxi service app, BiTaksi helps you call a ‘taxi near me’ just by pressing a button (no need to stress about communicating with drivers!). While this app is in primarily in Turkish, it is easy to navigate. There are two options for your taxi, based on price and style. With this app, you can find out the information about the vehicle and driver, how many minutes it will take to arrive to you, and view how much you will have to pay for the ride. After your ride, you can score your driver and make comments about your experience. This app is even suitable for people with sight and hearing problems.


Similar to BiTaksi, this app allows you to find taxis, see their information, and afterward rate their service. This İstanbul taxi service is provided through the Municipality government, so the recording is done in each vehicle to ensure passengers’ safety. It gives you multiple taxi options, which even includes a sea taxi. Your options are yellow taxis (the cheapest), turquoise taxi (a bit more expensive, and they use Tesla’s electric cars), or a black taxi (the luxury option). You can get a trip fare estimator and track your trip on the map as it you ride. It also offers multiple payment options in which you can pay using a credit card, IstanbulKart or with cash upon your arrival.

Lyft & Uber


While these apps can and are still used in Turkey, you should know that they are currently forbidden due to protests by professional taxi drivers. As a foreigner in Turkey, as long as you do not call an Uber or Lyft while around a normal taxi stand it most likely will not be a problem, but you should keep this information in mind.

That being said, these apps work the same as they do everywhere else in the world. There are three types of taxis you can call with Uber Turkey: Yellow taxi, UberXL and UberFamily.


Here are more advantages: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 50 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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