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  • Venice Carnival in 2023: Everything from Carnival Ball to festival

25/02/2020 11:05

Venice Carnival in 2020: Everything from Carnival Ball to festival

Traditions are sometimes hard to grasp, but always has a strong foundation in any culture. For some traditions we can understand the significance they have, and for others we can only gaze upon their beauty. Annual Venice Carnival is one of the few traditions that fulfill both concepts. It has a significant meaning among Venetians.  The whole world also gathers every year around this time gaze on its grandeur. The festival wasn't always celebrated as we know it now; it went through dark times. It is said that in 1797 it became forbidden under the rule of the Austrian King. By the end of this article, you will understand why you must have a holiday visit to Venice around this time at least once in your life. The following are some of the highlights and Venice attractions you should anticipate.

Balls and Parties

With all the magnificent festivals happening all around Venice, you will notice people attending extravagant masked balls and parties. They might be little expensive for the average person but if you're intending to go, behold yourself for a night full of delicious cuisine, shows and music. One of the main official dinner balls, "Nurture Love, Feed the Folly", is held along the Canale Grande.

Best-Masked Costume Competition

February 15-23, 2023 The second you step into San Marco Piazza you'll be welcomed by a swarm of people dressed in lavish Venice Carnival costumes. If you like, you can take part in the best costume competition. On the last day of the carnival, February 23, the organizers announce the winner of the best-masked costume competition. There are no entry requirements; the competition is open for Venetians and everyone who are there to visit. The root of this remarkable event began centuries ago to remove the social class boundaries. A commoner or a highborn, nobody will know who is behind the mask.

Carnevale dei Ragazzi

February 15-25, 2020 With all these unforgettable line of events targeted at adults you might wonder if there anything children can participate in? And yes, the carnival has dedicated more than 50 events for children and teenagers across the city. There is a special costume parade for children held in San Marco Piazza on February 24-25 along with workshops and mini events.

Volo dell’Angelo (The Flight of the Angel)

February 16, 2020 The Flight of the Angel is not only a main act but also some consider it as the highlight of the carnival. It’s adored by Venetians and visitors alike. It is broadcasted on national television. According to historians, this act traces back to the mid-sixteenth century: A young Turkish man used his acrobatic skill to walk on the campanile with only a long rope attached to his boat. His achievement captivated Venetians at that time, and ever since every year it is replicated with some variations.

Svolo del Leone (The Flight of the Lion)

February 25, 2023 Lastly the carnival will end with the final official activity, the Flight of the Lion, happening in San Marco. The chief of Venice (Doge) and 12 Maries will salute the flag as it being pulled up from the square to the top of the bell tower. If you missed out on some of the acts or missed all of Venice Carnival 2023, rest assured you can witness it all next year. Perhaps with new segments added as well. However don't miss out on our deals and products that is available all year round.

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