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22/11/2018 11:53

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!

Data roaming and internet usage is a problem for travellers planning to travel Turkey. Costly mobile internet connections and cellular data transfers may result in shocking phone bills. Why bother with those details when you can simply rent a low-cost and highly efficient mobile hotspot? Thanks to super-fast mobile data service provided by Rent & Connect, your trip to Turkey will be much more convenient.

Having a mobile phone is definitely one of the greatest advantages of modern times. But what about using your mobile internet abroad? Many travellers have trouble solving international roaming charts and issues in Turkey. Enjoying your online apps, making phone calls and sending text messages (SMS), all those services may cost quite a lot abroad. But Rent & Connect’s totally mobile and portable mobile hotspot solutions will ease your troubles. Turkey is a large country with various places to see. The historical background and the rich nature makes it a popular touristic centre of attraction for many travellers all around the world. Most of the country is covered with fast and reliable 4G internet connection. However, to use these services, you have three options:

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Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!


Roaming is the most expensive option, no matter where you are abroad. International data plans would not be economical either and often they offer so limited plans that they would not even let you upload your videos on Facebook or share on Whatsapp with your friends. Why limit your online activities to a mere SMS-alike text messaging and counting kilobytes?


Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!

Local cellular sim card:

Turkey has a wide coverage area of mobile internet, but that internet is mostly intended for locals and expats. To be able to use a local mobile internet provider, you need to buy a sim card meant for the use of tourists, which may be more expensive than its local counterparts. Even if you manage to get a sim card for locals, you would need to change your phone’s sim card and still you will need to get an internet plan, in most cases for a minimum period of a month. Why spend your hard earned money for a monthly plan when you will only be staying for a week?

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!

Rent ‘n Connect:

The best solution available! By using local internet providers, Rent ‘n Connect offers you the fastest mobile internet services via its portable wifi devices. Thus, not only your mobile phone will have access to internet, but also all your electronic devices will benefit from it. It is as simple as connecting to your home wifi network.

Using a mobile device that provides wi-fi internet access abroad will let you share all your experience immediately on social media and with your friends, and you will be in contact at any time with your business if need be. At your hotel room, on the road or during sightseeing… Anywhere and anytime, your internet access will be in your pocket or bag.

All you need is to plan your travel destination and your preferred internet plan. That simple. Then your personalized mobile hotspot would be ready when you arrive your hotel in Turkey. During your holiday, wherever you go, you would carry your internet connection with you all the time.


Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!


Rent ‘n Connect uses local 4G internet provider.

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!


 There is no data roaming.

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!

Easy to use 

 All you need is to connect to your wifi network.

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!


It is your very own personal wifi network.

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!

No hassle 

You do not need to get a new local mobile number.

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!


You do not need to bother with local paperwork or procedures.

Mobile Hotspots in Turkey!


All your devices can connect to internet.

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Here are more benefits: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 30 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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