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  • Is Free WiFi Safe?

18/04/2019 13:31

Why you should use pocket wifi?

Wifi connection provides users to enable to digital world from anywhere. As the world begins to become digital in every sense, people's internet need is increasing day by day.  With internet access, people can communicate with other people from all over the world; they can do their jobs online; and, they can share their memories on social media. As well as for entertainment purposes, internet access can be vital for some tasks. One such situation where the internet connection can be crucial is traveling. If you are going to another country for the first time, an internet connection is very important to reach a lot of information about that country. At this point, the free Wifi connection might be attractive for travelers. But is it really safe to connect to the free Wifi?


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Connection to Free Wifi

Free wifi can be thought as a great source for the travelers. They can use internet connection for several purposes which makes their trip easier. Free Wi-Fi can be found in popular public places such as airports, cafes, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels - and the internet provides free access. These "hot spots" are very common and people often connect to them without thinking twice. It can be seen harmless to sign in, check your social media account or browse some news articles, but it is a risky business on publicly open Wi-Fi to read e-mails, check your bank account, or perform any activity that requires a lThe problem with public Wi-Fi is the enormous number of risks that come with these networks. Although business owners may believe that they are providing a valuable service to their customers, security in these networks is usually loose or non-existent.

Hotspots open to the public, anyone in the area, can also potentially read the data not sent to them.

Risks Should Be Considered

While on public Wi-Fi:

22% of respondents have accessed bank/financial information

56% of consumers have logged into their social media accounts

38% have shared photos or videos

58% of people have logged into a personal email account

There are some risks when connecting to free wifi. One of the most common risks on these free wifi networks is called a Man in the Middle (MitM) attack. When a computer is connected to the Internet, it is sent to the data point (computer) at point B (service/website), and security vulnerabilities can allow an attacker to intervene and "read" these transmissions. So there is no longer what you think is special.

Unencrypted networks can be thought of as a thread when connecting to the public wifi. Since IT professionals can set up the network and have a chance to enable the devices in this network.




Another risk is malware distribution. Hackers can benefit from a software vulnerability which is a security hole. They can write specific codes for this vulnerability in order to insert the malware to users’ devices.

Besides, cybercriminals can purchase special software kits and even devices to help them listen to Wi-Fi signals. This technique could allow attackers to access everything you do online.

The last thread is malicious hotspots. Cybercriminals open networks as if they were public networks since they have similar names to the public wifi. Since users connect these hot spots by thinking they are public and free, their information can be seen by cybercriminals.


Why You Should Use Pocket WiFi?

Users should prefer secure internet connections, especially since free access is a great deal of risk. Pocket WiFi offers many advantages, allowing users to securely connect to the internet. If you use pocket wifi like Rent ‘n Connect, you can connect any 10 devices you want to the internet securely. It’s practical and very useful when traveling through Turkey.

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Here are more advantages: Secure connection, unlimited Wi-Fi, service in more than 50 countries, high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent customer experience… Of course, besides all of these benefits, your experience counts! Book now and be fascinated!

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