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  • Safe Destinations to visit in 2023

02/07/2021 10:04

Due to the global epidemic and travel restrictions that have blocked the borders of many countries, it may seem inconceivable to consider traveling overseas right now. The good news is that things are looking up for 2023. While many destinations across the world remain off-limits, more and more countries are beginning to open their doors, and they're doing so with health and safety measures in place, which is good news for everybody seeking a nice and safe trip after all.  Airlines and hotels are also contributing to the development of systems that allow consumers to travel safely and confidently. 

Here we gathered the safest destinations you can visit in 2023:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another safe destination to visit in 2021 because it offers a variety of outdoor activities. This implies you will not be limited indoors, where the virus's transmission rate is higher. Costa Rica also has excellent systems in place for dealing with the virus within its borders.

The good news is that their borders have already reopened to travelers. Glamping, or elegant camping, is one of the things you must do when visiting Costa Rica. They highlight some of the most incredible high-end glamping destinations from across the world.


New Zealand

Even in the event of a pandemic in 2023, New Zealand is regarded as one of the safest destinations. Unfortunately, the country's borders remain blocked to American visitors. Despite this, they have managed the epidemic admirably, with only a few confirmed cases and months of virus-free survival.

New Zealand was already a safe location to visit before the pandemic because it is a serene country by nature. It generally comes out on top in polls, especially when it comes to travel destinations. When visiting New Zealand, make sure to see the locations where the famed "Lord of the Rings" was filmed.

Even if you don't, the diversity of this country's natural magnificence will leave you speechless. You can simply take in the scenery, which includes snow-capped mountains and hundreds of miles of rainforest.



You should also consider visiting Greece because, according to many assessments, it is one of the safest destinations to visit in 2021. You will undoubtedly appreciate your visit to Greece, which is located in and around the Mediterranean Sea. This is where you'll most likely come across the most breathtaking scenery you've ever seen.

The finest thing is that Greece's climate is pleasant throughout the year. Even Greece's past is so vast that you won't be able to absorb it all.

Greece was one of the first countries to open its borders to tourists during the pandemic. You can rest assured that if you follow the right routine, such as social distance, you will most likely be virus-free and safe.

You may visit the Acropolis in Greece, which dominates the skyline of the country's capital, Athens. You may also climb Mt. Olympus, which is one of the world's most famous mountains. If you enjoy lakes, go to Lake Plastira, which is surrounded by natural beauty that may appear strange.



Canada has always been one of the safest destinations to visit. According to many surveys conducted among various age groups, this country is one of the safest locations to visit. However, travel enthusiasts advise that you familiarize yourself with Canada's current travel restrictions before visiting.

In Canada, you can visit a number of different places. For travelers of all ages, Vancouver and Montreal appear to be the most popular. If you enjoy visiting national parks, make a point of visiting Jasper or Banff. Naturally, you should not miss a trip to Niagara Falls or a visit to Toronto.



It is one of Europe's main players, with historic art cities like Florence, one-of-a-kind wonders like Venice, and Rome as the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. It's always in demand due to its incredible gastronomy, wonderful wine, pristine landscape, and a line of beach resorts. According to the 2020 Global Peace Index, Italy was destroyed in the early phases of the coronavirus pandemic but has recovered successfully and is one of the world's most peaceful countries. Italy has started accepting vaccinated tourists  with certain travel conditions. 



Ireland is now available to vaccinated travelers looking for a safe location overseas, ranking among the top 20 countries in the world for both peace and happiness. Visitors must check out Ireland’s travel guide for updated information. 

Ireland isn't only about tourist attractions, ancient castles, and plenty of greenery (though there's much of that). In the form of fashionable cafés, chic hotels, craft drinks, and world-class cuisine, the little country is currently embracing all things local. Whether you're going to Dublin to party, Kilkenny to sightsee, or Galway to eat, there's something for everyone.


Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Portugal was one of the most popular international destinations for travelers, and while the COVID-19 crisis has forced many to postpone their travel plans, the European country, which ranks third on the 2020 Global Peace Index, remains one of the safest places in the world for travelers.

Portugal has opened its doors to tourists from European Union member states as well as the United Kingdom. Aside from these, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland are among the Schengen Area countries that the country allows admission to.



Spain is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations for a reason: its sunny weather, laid-back culture, and outstanding food and wine attract millions of visitors. There are also some of Europe's best beaches, mountains, and cultural towns, like Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona. It is open to vaccinated travelers from all over the world since June 7.


In other words, everything appears to imply that, post-coronavirus, tourists can finally plan a summer beach trip in Europe.



Staying at boutique hotels under caves and flying in hot air balloons above the mystical scenery of Cappadocia, roaming through the Greco-Roman world in Ephesus, or simply soaking up the sun in luxurious beach resorts along the Aegean Sea are all possibilities when you are staying in Turkey. From Istanbul to Antalya, Bodrum, İzmir and many more amazing locations, Turkey provides you a safe environment for a summer vacation. Turkey has started vaccination and will lift all main travel and social restrictions on July 1. Travelers wanting to enter Turkey must fill out a form before traveling and provide a Negative PCR test result. 



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