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  • Portable Wi-Fi Devices Are Faster Than Wi-Fi in Europe As It Is In Many Countries

26/12/2018 17:52

Pocket Wi-Fi is faster than normal Wi-Fi in many countries.It makes all tourists holidays easier.

Recent researches show that mobile networks provide faster download speeds than their broadband wi-fi counterparts in many countries including Turkey.

OpenSignal, a wireless coverage mapping company based in New York, reports a survey of 80 countries revealing that broadband wi-fi was slower and lagging in 33 of them.
Many nations, including several European countries including France and other popular touristic destinations such as Turkey, Mexico, South Africa and Qatar records much higher differences between mobile and broadband wi-fi internet speeds. Among 50 nations that have a wide range of 4G (LTE) coverage, 63% had faster mobile internet than broadband. By 2019, with the launch of 5G, wi-fi is supposed to lag far behind across the globe.

Why Does It Happen ?

You may think that since Mobile Hotspot Device also provides wi-fi, why it is faster than broadband wi-fi? That is because the ‘source’. Mobile hotspots use mobile 4G (LTE) internet services and convert that fast-speed internet to wi-fi. Thus, when you connect to your mobile hotspot via your laptop or phone, you are actually using the internet provided by a local mobile operator.
Second reason is, public wi-fi coverage is larger than Portable Wi-Fi Device wi-fi. Larger coverage sphere means slower internet speeds. Wi-fi signals weaken when the receiver (you) is away from the source, resulting in slower internet connection. However, a Portable Wi-Fi Device is in your pocket or backpack (nearby).
And the number of devices connected to the wi-fi is another issue affecting the speed. Public wi-fi sources such as cafés and hotels in Turkey have dozens of devices connected to, thus severely limiting the internet speed due to the shared usage. However, a personalized Mobile Wi-Fi Device is meant to only be used by your and those you allow to, bringing fast, non-shared private internet connection.

What Is the Best Mobile Wi-Fi Device Option For Internet For Tourists In Turkey?

To stay connected trouble-free during your travel abroad, it is vital to choose the best mobile hotspot provider. In this manner, global wi-fi rental services of Rent & Connect works with the best local 4G (LTE) operators with the best coverage area and speed. Widest coverage area ensures being connected wherever you go. Fastest speed allows you to watch and upload videos with no lag.
Rent & Connect offers the best mobile hotspot devices with no contract. They are pay-as-you-go. So, you would not need to pay for the internet that you do not use. However, data rates offered to tourists by local GSM operators in Turkey force you to pay for the whole data quota. This is why if you choose a mobile hotspot device for laptop, you would be saving money than using a tourist sim card with your phone.
Turkey has an advanced internet infrastructure. By taking advantage of these fast internet services, Rent & Connect mobile hotspot devices stand out as the best option for tourists. Renting a modern, up-to-date Wi-Fi Hotspot Device ensures 24/7 connectivity, fast internet in Turkey for low and cheap prices. You will be free of roaming restrictions, costly data packages and expensive tourist sim cards. It is simple to apply and even simpler to get one. Get your Portable Wi-Fi Device in Turkey by choosing a county and date from Rent & Connect web site and your mobile hotspot device will be ready when you arrive.


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