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  • Best Journey Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Vacation

23/10/2019 09:17

Best Journey Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Vacation

Are you planning your dream vacation but don’t know where to start? How about with your mobile device? We use our phones for everything else in our lives, so why not use it to assist us with our travel planning?  Using mobile trip organizer apps can help you find the best deals on flights and accommodation, create and save itineraries, and even help you pack! Featured on the list below are the best trip planning apps to download to your mobile device for making sure you create the perfect vacation.

Best Journey Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Vacation

Best Travel Planning App for Booking: Kayak

Kayak lets users search hundreds of travel sites to find the best possible deals for booking the perfect flight, hotel or rental car. As the best travel plan app for getting you to your destination, Kayak lets you organize all your travel details in one place, measure your luggage with your phone’s camera, gives information on airline carry-on rules, and even provides up-to-date details on flight status, airport security wait times and terminal maps. This mobile app is even great for those who are undecided on a destination, suggesting getaways all over the globe based on their budget.

Best Journey Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Vacation

Best Trip Planning App for Not Forgetting Anything: Packing Pro

With Packing Pro, you will ever forget anything again while packing! This super-enhanced travel list app offers a huge catalog for creating unlimited, customizable packing lists which can be synced and shared with friends or family members. Users start by telling the app how many days their trip will be and according to where you are headed, how the weather will be, and your planned activities the app will offer a tentative list of clothing and necessities. For those who are unsure of where to start, Packing Pro also offers sample lists to look from. This app also sends reminders for important responsibilities you need to accomplish before traveling, such as passport renewal, vaccines and more.

Best Journey Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Vacation

Best Trip Planner App for Finding Customer Reviews: Trip Advisor

Is it possible to plan a trip without using Trip Advisor? We think not! While this app does feature booking deals on flights and hotels, what sets Trip Advisor apart is the information from real-life customer feedback it provides for everything from airlines, restaurants, touristic places, and more. Offering over 500 million actual opinions and experiences from travelers who have already been there, Trip Advisor is a vital part of the decision-making process for any travel planner.


Best Travel Itinerary App for Planning and Staying Organized: Google Trips vs. TripIt

In the debate of TripIt vs. Google Trips, the internet can’t seem to decide which one is the best itinerary app for planning a vacation, so you can read the descriptions below before downloading and trying them out for yourselves!


Best Journey Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Vacation


With TripIt, you can keep all your travel itineraries and documents organized in one place to keep with you even before you arrive at your destination. Everything from travel confirmations to hotel or Airbnb booking information, driving directions, and more, they are all stored in one easily accessible source.

TripIt is with you for every step of the travel planning process. While you’re planning your trip, this app helps you to find a better suit on your flight and monitors for flight refunds.  When leaving for your trip, it alerts you when you should check-in and head to the airport to make your flight, sends real-time flight status alerts, provides interactive airport maps, lets you know how long the security lines are, and more.

Best Journey Trip Planner Apps for Perfect Vacation

Google Trips

Pulling your travel information such as reservations and flights automatically from your Gmail account and storing it offline, users can easily access their travel plans with or without Wi-Fi. It also organizes this information into individual trips right down to day-by-day plans, making your travel more stress-free and simple.

This travel itinerary app also offers customized tours, guides and maps, shows restaurants and sights for your destination. Thanks to its huge data library, Google Trips can plan out full days for nearly any location and will offer suggestions according to your interests and available times in case you want different options. You can also check out reviews from other travelers about their experiences.

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