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  • Is Public Wifi Safe ?

18/04/2019 08:42



In recent years, hotspot internet sharing has become available almost everywhere, while access to open networks has expanded significantly. Public wireless network use is now considered indispensable. It is probably accurate to say that the availability of an internet network is among the most important features that we seek in cafes and restaurants, at gyms, in hotels, and when we go on holidays. So, just how safe is it to use these convenient and free-of-charge wireless networks ?

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What Are the Risks of Public Wifi?

For the users, the most compelling aspect of public wifi hotspots that they do not require validation to establish a network connection. However, connecting to one of these hotspots presents a very attractive opportunity for hackers. Hackers can easily infiltrate unprotected devices on the same network, to your detriment.

When you use public wifi, hackers can position themselves between you and your connection point: while all evidence suggests that your device is directly connected to the access point, it may actually be connected to the hackers' devices. In this way, a hacker can gain access to all your information.

This information can include any e-mail you send, your credit card information, security information that you use to access your business network and your data – in other words, anything that might be private and important to you.  After a hacker acquires your information, they can use it to perform transactions and gain access to sensitive information. However, you can protect your device from hackers with some precautions.

What to Consider When Using Public Wifi?

Cyber criminals will often access public wifi networks in places such as cafes, hotels, shopping malls and airports, and capture data being transferred over those networks. Therefore, it is advisable to use such networks infrequently.

● Remember that every device can be hacked, and is at risk over public wireless connections. Smartphones, tablets and laptops can all be exposed to wireless security risks.

● Use a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN can help encrypt all your data passing through the network when connecting to a public wifi network, and can provide secure connectivity.

● Avoid accessing certain types of websites while connected to a public wifi network. Take care not to sign into sites such as internet banking services or social networking accounts.

● Use your smartphone. If you need to access sites that store your private information, such as social networks, online banking or online shopping, try to sign in on via your mobile phone.

Why Use Portable Wifi?

One of the most important features of portable wifi – also known as a mobile hotspot - is that it offers a private connection for your devices. mobile hotspots help you avoid the misfortune of unreliable wifi connections. You can continue to work on personal or professional projects, safely,  in cafes, hotels or while traveling via a mobile hotspot. A mobile hotspot is also usually much faster than a public internet network. In addition, you can connect up to 10 devices at one time to a mobile hotspot.

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