Rent a Oculus Quest 2 in UK

Rent a Oculus Quest 2 in UK

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Rent a Oculus Quest 2 in UK


    Reserve your Oculus  from Rent ‘n Connect, for the dates you wish to have it. We make the essential arrangements for your Oculus rental and disinfect your device before sending it to you. Therefore you will be available to use it freely as soon as you pick up your Oculus and enjoy playing any game you want on your device!


    After your rental, we disinfect the device prior to your usage and deliver your Oculus  to your hotel, home, or requested location. You can also pick up your Oculus from any airport you will be landing if you want to use it on a trip or a vacation.


After your rental period ends, you can return your device to our supported partners’ offices in your current location, send us through the post. We can also pick up the Oculus  at your selected location on the return day you selected in certain locations. Check out our FAQ page for more detailed information about the return options or contact our live support.


  • Get to try out the performance of the product before you pay high fees for it
  • Have your gaming experience with you at all times even on travels.
  • With longer rental periods live the experience of owning the product and enjoy your time with it until you finish your games
  • Rent with flexible and safe payment options
  • You don’t need to commit long time rental periods use as long as you wish and contact our live team for return options

Feature 1

The most advanced all-in-one virtual reality system is now available to rent. Experience the freedom of movement with Oculus Quest 2, an untethered, all-in-one VR system. Now in UK. 
Upgrade your gaming experience and dive deep into the games you are playing with the Oculus VR set! Get ready for an insane experience: games, interactive videos, everything is more fun and exciting with Oculus. Don’t pay high fees before trying out the Oculus experience, by renting yourself one try out and enjoy your time in a virtual universe.

Feature 2

Rent your disinfected Oculus Set, pick it from your home, hotel, or selected destinations, and use it for as long as you like. You can try out the newest games and VR Apps on Oculus right away despite the location. Experience the new world of VR and make the most out of your time at home!

Feature 3

The best thing about Oculus is that it is a wireless and light-weighted VR set, which gives you a better experience. As well known Oculus gives you the well refined virtual experience you can ever get from a VR set. Try out flying, traveling around the world, and enjoy your time during the lockdown, rent it now!