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Working from home?

Hassle-free unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi to stay connected with your team at all times

Work remotely from anywhere you want in 130+ countries. With easy delivery option you can collect your Pocket Wi-Fi from home, office or anywhere in 40 countries. Fill out the form below to get specialized price just for you and your team.



Want to find out more about Remote Working

Remote working is becoming more and more popular every day. With today's technology, you don’t have to be in an office to work. Thanks to laptops, tablets, smartphones, online planners and commercial social platforms, employees can continue working remotely. Although many people may think otherwise, working remotely benefits both employees and employers in many ways. It has been shown that employees are significantly more productive and are more at ease. The employer can also benefit from productive remote employers and also reduce costs such as rent and other maintenance fees.  Even though it is proven that working remotely is far more productive than working in the traditional office environment, it still haunts the employer with disadvantages such as isolation, distraction, poor connectivity, and time offset



What you need to Work Remotely?

The best thing to do to take care of your employees is to help them stay connected. You can empower them with portable and unlimited wifi access wherever they are. Pocket Wi-Fi can be a valuable asset in times like these where working remotely is a safer option. Just like home broadband, it provides employees and employers with unlimited connection and mobility regardless of the location. You could be anywhere from a summer house to a small village. The best part is that our Pocket Wi-Fi solution, Mobile Hotspot with 4G connection, works in over 130 countries.  Wherever your teams are located we can support them as we deliver to more than 40 countries. 4G Speed connection with unlimited data usage is the perfect solution for remote workers and is great for employers who want to keep up the good work away from the office.