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UEFA Super Cup Final @Istanbul


UEFA Super Cup 2019 Istanbul - It's Coming Home - Liverpool and Chelsea Face-Off in Istanbul!

A Matchup for the Ages:

Liverpool-Chelsea This year’s UEFA Super Cup 2019 promises to be even more

exciting than last year’s, when Atletico Madrid needed extra time to defeat

their crosstown rivals Real Madrid 4-2 (after a 98th minute equalizer!).

Chelsea and Liverpool both won their cups after the hardest of roads,

Chelsea going undefeated throughout the tournament and Liverpool

became the first team ever to defeat a team from the 5 major leagues

in one tournament. These two clubs have won 17 European trophies

between them, 12 for Liverpool and 5 for Chelsea. These are two of the

most stories clubs in all of Europe, and they’re facing off in one of European

football’s most storied cities – Istanbul. Istanbul was famously the host city

in 2005 when Liverpool came back from 3-0 down against AC Milan to win

in a miraculous fashion.


Footie on the Bosphorus! 

Istanbul is a city unlike any other in the world, literally bridging Asia 

and Europe. It was in Istanbul, ironically in the same stadium (the 

old Beşiktaş located in the same spot), where Liverpool and Beşiktaş 

broke all-time decibel record for loudest sporting event in recorded 

history in 2007. The millennia-old history of the city is matched only 

by its football history: Its football clubs date back over 100 years, and 

the fans have an appreciation for good football.


Get your Tickets to a Vodafone Park right on
the Bosphorus!

The 2019 UEFA Super Cup is being played in a new stadium, set in 

the most gorgeous spot imaginable right on the Bosphorus as it 

straddles Asia and Europe. Vodafone Park Istanbul is the home grounds for 

Beşiktaş FC, and known as the ground for some of Turkish football’s 

most loyalfans. The setting and the matchup couldn’t be more perfect, 

as Liverpool tries to take home its 4th UEFA Super Cup 2019 trophy and Chelsea 

their 2nd. Screenshot-5

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This match marks an opportunity to watch some spectacular competition 

in one of the world’s greatest cities as it opens its arms to football fans from 

England and the world – time to join in the fun!

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