Most Popular Electric Scooter (E-scooter) Rental Ride Sharing Apps in Barcelona

Check out our electric scooter apps reviews in Barcelona below for the best scooter brands for renting and commuting.

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9 Top Electric Scooter Rental Ride Sharing Apps in Barcelona

They aren’t just for kids anymore! With electric scooters for adults too now, everyone can enjoy a fun and comfortable ride. If you are traveling this year and need a way to get around Barcelona  or want to find out the transportation options around Barcelona, check out our electric scooter reviews below for the best scooter brands for renting and commuting. For further details about rental electric scooter pricing, you can download their apps for your smartphone or visit their websites!


Connecting riders to the people and places that matter most, Lime brings Barcelona together and empowers better urban living in an environmentally friendly way. Lime lets you unlock your ride and your city with their shared rental electric kick scooters, bikes, and transit vehicles. Currently available in over fifty cities Lime has become one of the best adult electric scooters in recent years, both for the environment and for fun, easy mobility

Lime Electric Scooter - Rent scooters near me | Lime Micromobility


Whether you are looking for a way to get to work in Barcelona, class, or just need a breath of fresh air, Bird offers some of the best electric scooters for adults. Bird collaborates with cities, universities and partners around the world to provide convenient, eco-friendly transportation options to relieve reliance on cars and thus reduce pollution and traffic.

Bird Three released as sharing company's newest electric scooter


Also operating as a ride-hailing app, Bolt allows riders to locate, unlock and ride their electronic scooter options in over eighty cities in twenty-five countries worldwide. Bolt’s affordably cheap electric scooters for adults can also be parked anywhere, anytime at the rider’s convenience, meaning you will never have to worry about navigating traffic or finding a parking place ever again!

Bolt launches new, custom-built scooter model | Bolt Blog


While you may know Lyft as a ride share and taxi service in Barcelona, Lyft also provides electric scooters as the latest, affordable, and fun way to get where you are going. Lyft offers the best budget electric bike in the industry, as well as allows riders to reserve their vehicles ahead of time. Users pay directly through their app, which also has the added features of maps showing the best routes, where to park, and how to stay safe in traffic.

Lyft introduces pink-wheeled scooter that it says is better for scooter  sharing - The Verge


Founded in San Francisco in 2016, Spin is reimagining urban mobility. Combining high-quality scooters, a reliable and easy-to-use app, excellent customer service and affordable prices, Spin provides an optimal and responsible scooter riding experience in Barcelona.

Spin (company) - Wikipedia


Operated by Uber, Jump is one of the best motor scooters for those looking to take charge of their commute but prefer a less stressful, more eco-friendly option than a car. With Jump, don’t waste any more time waiting for a bus or getting caught in traffic, let Jump electric scooters take you to your destination with ease. This electric scooter sharing company offers the newest in electric scooter technology as well as professional customer service, so you will always get where you need to go in Barcelona!

Lime closes acquisition of Jump assets in Europe as Jump bikes and scooters  disappear | TechCrunch


Skip scooters are the perfect way to hit the streets, cruise the city, and take you on your morning commute. Their scooters can be picked up and dropped off anywhere in the city, ensuring utmost convenience for users. Skip is dedicated to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for current and future generations, and is doing their part to reduce urban pollution by providing eco-friendly transportation

Skip's new scooter has a sturdier deck, bigger wheels, and a swappable  battery - The Verge


Scoot is the original shared electric vehicle company. Their exciting electric vehicles are powerful enough for a quick commute, yet easy enough for a date night or weekend adventure. Scoot offers not only fast electric scooter options to their riders, but some of the best mopeds as well. Currently Scoot is only available in Santiago, Barcelona, and San Francisco, but they are working to expand.

Bird confirms acquisition of Scoot | TechCrunch


The global leader for scooters since 2000, Razor offers more than just a standard scooter; they provide a world of possibilities. They ensure that their customers have plenty of options to suit their needs, whether they are searching for a simple kick scooter or an electric scooter with seat for adults. Now offering shared electric scooters through their app to allow riders easy, accessible commuting all over their communities, Razor is our pick for best electric scooter 2020 for both sharing and purchasing in Barcelona.

Razor Releases New Scooter Model as San Antonio Gears Up for E-Bikes