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Guest Post by Yesha: Best of Turkey In Eight Days

Guest Post by Yesha: Best of Turkey In Eight Days

We thank Yesha for letting us post her blogpost about her recent trip To Turkey. You can read the full article and more of her trips at her blog http://yeshabooks.blogspot.com.tr/…

Best of Turkey In Eight Days
Turkey had been on my mind for quite a few years. Every year I would think about going to the place and then it would not materialize. This year I finally with a friend of mine – was able to pack the bags and head to my dream destination!

Days: The Trip was from 6th to 13th June – that makes it 8 days – one day was spent travelling – to save money – we did not travel by a direct flight that Turkish Airlines offer. One would ask – are these many days enough for Turkey? Yes & No – depending on what all you wanna see there. I would be covering all the places that I was able to cover in this much time – and also mention a few that are a must see but got left out due to lack of time.

A lot of friends asked on the cost involved in the trip. So, have tried to cover an idea of expenses as much as possible.

Flight: Turkish airlines takes 5 to 6 hrs for a direct flight – so if you plan ahead well in time – a round trip from New Delhi to Istanbul should cost you 35k INR with them. Since it was my last minute plan – my friend and I took Air Astana – and it costed us the same. We decided to choose 11 hr flight via Almaty over direct flight of Turkish airlines as it was approx 47k INR by then. 11 hr flight gets tiring – so I would recommend book well in time or even if late – take direct flight – saves time and energy.

Visa: Its fairly simple and can be obtained on arrival – if you have valid US / Schengen visa. We didn’t want the hassle of any complication on arrival, so we applied at Turkish embassy – and ours came in 3 days. Costed us approx 5k per visa. They only need basic documents like bank statement, IT return, and photographs.

Communication: I found this website on internet – that gives tab enabled with internet to the tourists. The tab has hot spot facility – and it was a great investment. For 7 days – they charged us 3500 INR – that’s just 500 INR for 24 /7 connectivity – we had our whatsapp, viber all working.
Cannot rave enough about it. Please order from this site http://www.rentnconnect.com/
They have a pick up and drop box right at the airport. Super easy, fab services!

Currency: Everywhere in Turkey – one gets 10% discount on payment by cash – 10% at every spot means a lot of money saved. Hence, please convert your money into euros or Turkish Lira preferably from your home country or simply withdraw from ATM once in turkey. Turkish airport currency exchange are private and not run by government and hence exchange turns out to be expensive. As an international traveler – I have found withdrawal from ATMs to be more cost effective – as they give better exchange rate.

Istanbul: Starting at 11 am in morning from India, we landed at around 9 pm in eve. The hotel in Istanbul was booked by us already – from India – as we didn’t want to look for an accommodation so late in night. First week of June apparently is peak season for them – and hence after going through a few 7 to 8 hotels and writing to them – we shortlisted on Dersaadet Hotel.

Places That I Missed Visiting
- Visit Perga / Anatolia
- Kas – was one place I really wanted to visit but missed due to lack of time

Rest I can go on and on, on beauty of places I visited or things to do there – if you need specific details on anything – please let me know. Hope I will be able to help.

Its a beautiful country and do visit – you will come back with bag full of memories and photographs!