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     No Roaming

  • Avoid expensive data roaming charges
  • And surprise phone bills!
  • Enjoy fast, secure, uninterrupted 4G Mobile Internet at affordable prices!

     Stay Connected

  • Stay connected via broadband 4.5G or wifi
  • Check tips and reviews for local restaurants, cafes, city highlights and attractions
  • Stay up-to-date with what’s going on in town
  • Enjoy the city like a local!

     Guides & Applications

  • Enjoy the city on the go with a Mobile 4.5G Hotspot 7” tablet
  • Our Hotspot with Guide comes with all the useful applications and information that will make your trip more fun
  • Have access to maps, taxi calling, food ordering, and other lifesaving services and city guides like a local! /li>

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     wi-fi 2 Go

  • Connect your phone, tablet and PC to fast and secure Mobile 4G Hotspot internet around the city
  • No more searching for free wifi, no more worrying about security when sending an email or sharing a photo
  • Practical and affordable – can connect up to 10 devices, one Mobile 4G Wifi Hotspot is enough for you and your travelling buddies!

     New Devices

  • Mobile Hotspot is practical and affordable – can connect up to 10 devices
  • Mobile Hotspot With Guide comes with all the useful applications and information enriching your travel experience
  • New devices provide easy and convenient access to internet and applications.

     Convenient Delivery

  • We deliver to your hotel prior to your arrival.
  • You will easily, quickly and reliably receive the device you selected.
  • You can easily communicate with our representative about your questions and problems.