-What is Mobile Hotspot?

Mobile Hotspot is a wireless portable router device that connects any WiFi enabled device (smartphones, tablets, PCs) to 3G internet without any cable, installement or software requirements. By using a Mobile Hotspot you will avoid expensive data roaming charges and you won’t have seek free WiFi everytime you need an internet connection.

-What is Hotspot with Digital Guide?

Hotspot with Digital Guide is a travel guide on a 7″ tablet specifically designed for travelers visiting Turkey. Upon your reservation RentnConnect (RnC) will provide you with an Android tablet with 3G Hotspot feature and unlimited Wifi access where available. In this guide you will find useful apps like taxi calling(which tracks the route and gives you approx. price so you don’t get scammed), food delivery, maps, movie and music streaming, games and an enhanced city guide (For İstanbul and Antalya at the moment). And of course we will gladly install any app of your choice if you let us know before your arrival.

-How many devices can I connect?

You can connect up to 10 devices to Mobile Hotspot and up to 8 devices to Hotspot with Digital Guide. Please note that all the connected devices will share the connection speed, so all devices connected at a time could slow down your connection noticeably.

- What kind of device will I receive?

Our Mobile Hotspots: Pocket wifi

Our Hotspots with Digital Guide: 7 ” Tablet

- Can I put the SIM card in another mobile device?

The SIM card included with your device is intended to be used with the device provided to you.

- How much do you charge for deposit? 
For the Mobile Hotspot (pocket wifi),  we do not charge or put a hold on your credit card.

For the Mobile Hotspot with Guide (tablet), we do take an ‘authorization hold’ on your credit card as security which gives us permission to charge you in case something drastic happens. The hold amount is 100 Eur. If you don’t have a credit card you may pay the security deposit in cash.

- What is the fair usage limit for the internet ?
The fair usage limits are set by the operators, and subject  to change, however typically 15 GB of access is allowed during a week. Once the fair usage amount is reached, the speed of access shall decrease to 2G.

- If I go over the fair usage limit, how can I add additional 3G access?
We offer daily additional packages that you can add to your usage during your rental, please contact us for additional data needs.

- What is pre-loaded in the tablets?

The tablets are pre-loaded with our proprietary application specifically designed for tourists visiting Turkey. We have also included a handpicked selection of applications that  will help make your stay even better. These apps include but are not limited to:

  • Camera
  • Skype
  • Taxi calling (Bitaksi)
  • Yemeksepeti (Food delivery)
  • Museums (Sakıp Sabancı Müzesi, İstanbul Modern)
  • Ticketmaster-Biletix
  • Google Maps
  • Local guide applications
  • Accuweather
  • Viber
  • Social apps (facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, foursquare)
  • news, games, movies, and much more…

- Can I load my own applications? 
Currently the applications are limited to only the pre-loaded ones. However if there are any specific applications you would like to use or try during your stay please inform us in advance.

- Can I use SMS or make calls?
No, unfortunately currently we do not support use of SMS or calls on our devices.

- What happens to my personal information and data?
All devices are fully reformatted back to brand new factory condition so that no personal information is ever stored.

- What are the charges for lost/stolen devices?
Please see our Terms and Conditions here.



-What is the coverage like?

Rentnconnect partners with the leading mobile telecom operators in Turkey to provide you fastest and most secure connection available.While there will always be great coverage in populated cities and towns, if you are traveling to uninhabited areas we recommend you contact us so that we can verify the coverage.

-Is there coverage on a cruise / out at the sea?

Rentnconnect offers great coverage on land, but maritime coverage will vary on your distance out at the sea. We recommend that you check with the cruise operator if there is mobile data coverage on the cruise.

-What if there is no coverage where I am traveling to?

In  the exceptional situation that there is no coverage at your travel destinations, you can cancel your RentnConnect rental.


Delivery / Pickup

-What shipping options are available?

RentnConnect offers three delivery options :

You can have your device delivered to your hotel or you can pick up from the airport pick-up point (Currently delivery at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport is supported and made at our designated pick-up point, please click here to see on map). The third option is a pick-up / delivery point in Taksim called Bagaj.co (please click here to see on map. For all other locations please contact us for delivery options).

-Can I place a last minute order?

For Istanbul:
RentnConnect can deliver your device same day if you place your order before 12.00 am, and next day if you place your order after 12.00. If your delivery request is last minute, and need to be delivered on Sunday, please contact us for availability.

For All other locations:
RentnConnect will ship your device same day if you place your order before 12.00 am, and latest next day if you place your order after 12.00 during the weekdays. Your device will be delivered to your location of pick-up in upto 2 business days.




-How can I return the device after the rental period?

We will provide you a prepaid envelope for you to leave it to your hotel reception to send the device back to us or you can return the device to the airport pick-up / delivery point (Currently drop-off at Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport is supported and can be made at our designated point, please click here to see on map, for all other locations please contact us for pick-up options). The third option is a pick-up / delivery point in Taksim called Bagaj.co (please click here to see on map). If these options are not convenient for you, we can collect the device in person.


Managing your order

-Can I change my booking information after placing an order?

 Please contact us if you want to make any changes regarding your reservation.

-Is it possible to extend my rental during my reservation?

It is always possible for you to extend your rental. To do so, you can always contact us.

-How can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation without any penalties 1 day before your reservation’s starting date. Otherwise we will charge you for the delivery cost and refund you the rest of the amount.


Pricing / Billing

-How much is the rental fee?

Please see the pricing page for pricing details.

-How can I pay my reservation?

RentnConnect accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express along with the Paypal payment option.

-I have a Discount Code , how can I apply it to my rental?

You can enter the discount code in the Apply Promo / Voucher field in the booking form, and the discount shall be applied immediately.

-When will I be billed?

You will be billed immediatly upon your reservation.

-Do prices include VAT?

18% VAT shall be added to the rental fee.